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About Steven Weaver

Steven Weaver, an engineer by day, novelist by night, spends most of his waking hours writing. Shifting from design, protocols, and boring equipment procedures to exciting adventures and new experiences his imagination invents for his characters, all the while wishing it were he himself, lost on the journey between pages. 


He was born and raised in a small town in Idaho and parts of Oregon. Steven grew up living with his mother and sister through middle school and high school, separated from his three other siblings. They didn’t have a lot of money growing up and books were his only escape. This is the reason he focuses his fiction writing on children and young adult (YA) genres. If even only one child or teen experiencing loneliness can find escape in his stories, if you ask Steven, he’ll say he was successful. 


Steven has always had a passion for storytelling, but as with anything, school, work, and family took precedence over writing and his pen ran out of ink. That was until, 2011 when he decided to start writing again, completing his first novel. The Vault, A Journey of Discovery was the result, and in 2013 became available for the masses. He never planned to stop there. 


His second story, Neola, a young adult adventure novel is just one more in the many he plans to share. Steven incorporates his upbringing by a strong single mother, his engineering and scientific experience, and his passion for history into his character’s experiences with never before seen technologies and adventures.

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